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“Having had the benefit of more than 30 years in dispute resolution as a lawyer, I see countless fights over property. Quite a number of these fights are over inheritance rights that could have been avoided if there had been a Will.

However, even if you have a Will, it will do you no good if it cannot be found. It is not uncommon, therefore, that every now and then, you will see advertisements taken out in newspapers and magazines for lawyers seeking for information on the whereabouts of a particular Will.

Wills made, can go missing for many reasons. They can even be stolen or destroyed without the person making the Will ever knowing about it when the time comes for the need for the Will.

With the view to preventing unnecessary and at times costly fights over inheritance rights over the lack of a Will or a missing Will, the idea of creating a central registry for Wills was born. However, given my busy dispute resolution practice, it took me quite a few years for the idea to be translated into action and finally in 2015 active steps were taken together with my fellow co-director who is also a lawyer, to form a company to get up Malaysia’s first Will central registry complete with a vault with a state of the art fire suppression technology.

It is my hope that this Will Registry will save many a family from unnecessary disputes over inheritance rights and if it can even save one such fight with all its emotional distress, I would be happy. In keeping with this wish, efforts are made to keep the costs of our services we provide as low as possible so that it is affordable for all.”

Su Tiang Joo

Upholding Testator’s Wishes

WillKey is Malaysia’s first Will registry that serves as a central registry facility where you can Register your Will, as well as store it so your Will can be located easily.

WillKey is Malaysia’s only impartial Will custody service provider.

We do not write Wills, get involved in matters of estate administration nor take any percentage of estate fees. We are solely dedicated to effectively managing the Will custodianship process, and ensuring your beneficiaries gain access to your last Will and Testament as smoothly as possible.

WillKey hosts a robust and secure vault with a fire suppression facility in place that leverages on the latest security technology. WillKey consolidates information for testators, executors and beneficiaries to simplify and expedite the process of searching for and retrieving a Will.

Your wishes are our priority.

Peace of Mind

Searching for a Will to facilitate the rightful execution and distribution of wealth can be a tedious and stressful task, especially when the location of the Will is not properly recorded. WillKey, Malaysia’s first Will registry, serves as a central registry where testators can register and store their Wills. WillKey ensures that the Will is registered and stored safely so that the testator’s wishes can be rightfully executed


With a purpose-built business model of registration, storage and search of Wills, WillKey serves as a centre for effective Will search and custodian services. And, with a robust and secure vault with a fire suppression facility in place that leverages on technology, WillKey consolidates information for testators, executors and beneficiaries to simplify and expedite the process of searching for and retrieving a Will.


WillKey’s fees are designed with affordability in mind. A small investment ensures that your Will can be found when the need arises and that it can be retrieved easily from a safe and secure place.

Our Senior Team

Su Tiang Joo


Su Tiang Joo is a lawyer by profession and has been in active practice as an advocate and solicitor since 1984. He has vast experience in a large variety of litigation work including probate and administration of estate and family law.

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He has successfully argued numerous cases, many of which have been reported in the Malaysian law journals. Some of these form landmark cases that are often cited.

He has been invited on numerous occasions to speak at law seminars. Professional appointments:

  • Arbitrator on the panel of the Asia International Arbitration Centre
  • Vice President of the Malaysia Chapter of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn
  • Notary Public
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Registered Trade Marks Agent
  • Member of the Bar Council’s Ad Hoc Committee to Revamp the Legal Profession Act
  • Former Board Member of the Advocates & Solicitors Disciplinary Board (2007 to 2011)
  • Former Deputy Chairman of the Law Reform and Special Areas Committee of the Bar Council Malaysia.



Authored a number of legal publications. Recently he co-authored the book on the “Law of Land Acquisition” published by the Malaysian Current Law Journal Sdn Bhd in 2018.

Ranked by Chambers Asia Pacific and Benchmark Litigation Asia Pacific

Sheila De Costa


Sheila Eleanor De Costa has been in practice for more than 34 years as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court in Malaya and during that time she has had experience in a variety of areas, namely Corporate Law, Corporate Financing, Conveyancing, Family Laws, Probate & Administration and litigation.

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She has a particular passion for educating young lawyers and for many years gave voluntary Professional Ethic lectures and marked the pupils’ exam papers. She is also a former member of the sub-committee of the Professional Standards & Development Committee of the Bar Council. Sheila also served on the Bar Council’s Ad Hoc Committee to revamp the Legal Profession Act. She was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore on 11th July 2001.

She is the current President of the Selangor & Federal Territory Eurasian Association (SAFTEA). In 2013, she initiated legal proceedings and led the challenge to claim the legitimate expectation of SAFTEA for the rights to a piece of land for the Eurasian community. She participated as a speaker on many occasions both within and out of Malaysia to publicise and promote the cultural roots and contributions of the Eurasian committee in Malaysia. She chaired the fund raising campaign by the Eurasians for the “Pray for Japan Tsunami Appeal “. She founded and financed the “De Costa-Su Scholarship” for tertiary education among the Eurasians.

Sheila is also the Deputy Chairperson of the Advisory Panel of the Women’s Institute of Management (WIM) Malaysia, a non-profit organization and self-sustaining Women’s Non-Governmental organization which have established programs that have benefited 30,000 marginalized women of all races in Malaysia.

Dipak Madhavan

Business Development & Strategy

Dipak Madhavan brings over 25 years of marketing experience in digital and consumer retail to WillKey. He has led the branding, marketing and communications efforts of a variety of startups and established brands in Malaysia and the region.

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