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About Willkey

What is WillKey about?

WillKey®, owned by MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd, is a private national registry where testators (people making a Will) or their solicitors or other professionals like financial planners can deposit information on Wills. WillKey® also provides storage facilities for Wills.

What is the solution that WillKey is offering?

WillKey® is a registry that stores information on Wills and allows for next of kin or executors to search and locate a Will. There is no dedicated Will registry in Malaysia. Information is scattered or stored with many parties. WillKey® is providing a national centralised Registry where information on where Wills are stored, and can be found when the next of kin wants to locate a Will.

What is the difference between WillKey and Rockwills, Amanah Raya Berhad or any other party that handles will writing?

WillKey® is a registry to store information on the location of Wills; it does not offer Will writing services, trust administration or estate planning services. We complement the services provided by them.

Who is WillKey’s target audience?

We want to reach all residents of Malaysia – testators who have made a Will and have not appropriately stored it; lawyers who are the primary executors for a deceased’s Will; parties that offer Will writing services, people who are involved with trust and estate administration matters and the general public.

We believe it’s important for anyone in Malaysia to know that there is a central registry available, like WillKey®, for them to find the location or locate a Will of a deceased person, or to register their own Will. We also want to reach out to our partners – lawyers who prepared the Will, third parties that offer Will writing services, trust and estate administration – to complement their businesses and make it easier for them as executors of a Will to identify and search for a Will in the right place.

What is WillKey’s storage facility like? What is the storage capacity?

It is private, with restricted entry by way of biometric screening which has been granted to only key personnel. On top of security precautions, it is also well equipped with an environmental monitoring system that has been integrated with a fire suppression system. It has the potential capacity of millions of Wills.

Is WillKey affiliated with the Malaysian government?

No, we are privately owned.

Is WillKey only available in Kuala Lumpur?

WillKey® registration and storage is available throughout Malaysia.

Is WillKey able to locate a Will written by a deceased Malaysian in another country?

Yes, if the deceased had registered the location with WillKey®.

WillKey Products and Services

How can I register my Will with WillKey?
You may register your Will directly through our WillKey® website or through any of our representatives.
How long can I store my Will at WillKey?

For as long as you’d like.

Is WillKey available for registration by Malaysians who are not residing in the country?


How much does one need to pay to store their Will at WillKey?

There are various storage arrangements starting from RM3.33/month.

Does WillKey keep the original copy of the Will?

Yes, if you store it with us.

Is the Will stored in hardcopy?

Yes, but a soft copy is also made and a back-up.

Can I store Wills for my whole family under a family name or must it be individually stored?

Individually stored for the privacy of each individual member of the family.

If I want to locate a Will with Rockwills or Amanah Raya, can I search for it through WillKey?

WillKey® will be able to help locate a Will with any of our registered partners. Kindly contact us to find out more.

How can I access a deceased’s Will at WillKey?

Put in a request for a search and we will tell you if the Will exists. After that, show proof that you are one of the beneficiaries or next of kin and with the payment of the small fee you may be able to get the Will.

Isn’t Rockwills or Amanah Raya good enough for me to keep my Will? Would I be doing double work if I have registered my Will at Rockwills or Amanah Raya and also at WillKey?

We are a national registry and complement the work of both Rockwills and Amanah Raya.

What happens if WillKey isn’t able to locate a deceased’s Will?

It means that either the deceased did not register the Will or that the deceased did not make a Will.

How long do I have to wait for the search results?

We are usually able to provide results within 24 hours barring any unforeseen circumstances.

How will the search results be disclosed to me?

Upon satisfactory proof of identification, via email or post.

Will WillKey be able to locate a Will that is not registered with WillKey i.e. kept by a family member, trustee?


How can I ensure that my Will is secure and protected through WillKey?

We have taken numerous steps to ensure your Will is secure from public access and even internal access. Only key personnel are able to access our storage facility – both physical and soft copy storage facilities.

If my Will is currently with my lawyer and I want to store it at WillKey instead, what do I do?

You can retrieve your Will from your lawyer and proceed to store it with WillKey®. Visit the WillKey® website.

Can I do a Will search using WillKey’s website or I must I enquire in person?

You can do it both through our website and in person.

If I am residing outside Malaysia and would like to search for a Will in Malaysia, will WillKey be able to help me?

Yes, just go to our website at

How can I ensure that a person who is not authorised to execute my Will does not have open access to getting my Will?

Only the beneficiary or a legal representative of the Will is allowed to search and retrieve the Will of the deceased. If there is a designated executor for a certain Will (for example a law firm, bank, Amanah Raya or Rockwills), the beneficiary searcher will be directed to that party to retrieve the Will and begin the claim process. WillKey® requires certain documentation to be produced in order to search for a Will (e.g. death certificate). With this, WillKey® ensures that only authorised parties are able to search for a Will.

What happens if I have updated my Will and need to update the Will stored at WillKey?

Kindly contact WillKey® directly if you wish to update your Will.

WillKey for Partners and Stakeholders

How do I deposit my client’s Will as the lawyer acting for them?
First, obtain your client’s consent and then proceed to register the Will on our website (https//
How will my business benefit if I partner with WillKey?
  • You do not have to make space to store the Will.
  • The business to apply for the grant of probate is given to the one who prepared the Will.
Does WillKey intend to replace entities such as Rockwills or Amanah Raya?

No, we are to complement them.

Is there a nominal fee for businesses to register on WillKey and how much?

Kindly contact us for bulk pricing arrangements

How can I register my business with WillKey and how much will that cost?

Kindly contact us for bulk pricing arrangements.

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