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Collaborate with us if you are a solicitor, Will writer, financial planner & estate planner. Contact us for more details.

Frequently asked questions – Partnership Program

Who is WillKey and what do you do?

WillKey®, owned by MWD Wills Depository Sdn Bhd, is a private entity which provides storage facility for Wills and any types of sensitive documents and a private Will registry where testators (people making a Will) or their solicitors or other professionals like financial planners can deposit information on Wills.

How do I join as a WillKey Agent?

It’s simple! Reach out to us at 03-78329833 and we are more than happy to assist you. You may also reach out to use via email at or visit our corporate website to learn more about WillKey.

Are there any requirements to be a WillKey agent?
There is NO requirement however we seek for lawyers, financial planner and Will writers who actively provides Will writing or estate planning services to their clients.
Will training be provided on WillKey’s services after signing up as an agent?
Yes, we will provide training for our new partners/agents. The training will be conducted by our sales manager/account manager.
Is there commission for agents? If yes, how will I receive my commission?
Of course! We honour the commission to our agents and they are paid out immediately once WillKey’s service has been fully paid by the client. We will provide further information during training period.
How do I receive the latest news or updates from the WillKey?
We communicate with our partners via SMS/WhatsApp and any important announcements will be sent to your email registered with WillKey.
To whom I should contact in the event I need further assistance or have any further questions?

You can contact our sales manager/account manager at 019-335 7263 or email us at You may also choose to contact our corporate office at 03-7832 9833 if you have any queries.

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